Dani’s Diary Entry Four


Entry Four: 


Mom I have never felt so much pain in my life. The Society tried to hack my Numbers software to find out where I was. Luckily Aaron and Evelynn were able to disable the tracking without taking out my Numbers. Mommy it hurts so bad. I was being electrocuted. I can’t get the memory of the pain out of my head. I guess there is some good The Society does if it keeps people from feeling things like that. I hope wherever they have you they aren’t putting you through stuff like that. When I was waking up I heard Willow talking to someone I think about me. It was weird and I don’t really know because I am so messed up from the pain. She came to check on me and I found out that she has never been a member of The Society. She doesn’t have Numbers or anything. Willow has lived inside this mountain her whole life. My heart broke for her mom. To know nothing of these walls would be awful. I also feel terrible because when I realized that she wasn’t Aarons soulmate my heart lept out of my chest. I feel so guilty to be so happy about her misfortune. 

Mom Aaron just came in to check on me so I will write soon. I love you




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