Dani’s Diary Entry Number Three

Entry Three: 

Oh my god!!! I met the sexiest guy I have ever seen mom. I wish you could be here to see him! You would die! The thing that sucks though mom is that his Numbers are at zero. He has a match. I wish I could have matched with someone like him. Not only is he super hot but he is so nice. You can tell he really wants to be my friend. His match Willow is really beautiful too. Her skin is so fair and her hair is long and white. She doesn’t seem to like me much but hopefully she will come around because I think she is so cool, and her mom is even cooler. Mom, Evelynn is seriously the most amazing bad ass woman I have ever met. No offense. She runs the whole Entity and she is so nice to me. I guess you know her though because they found me. I can’t wait to see you again mom. I miss you so much. I love you


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