Welcome to YouWillWantMore. Here I’m going to explore the aspect of writing a book but share it with you chapter by chapter. I love blogging and writing and I wanted to explore this medium. Hopefully each week I will upload a new piece of my book for you to read! Feel free to comment and let me know what you might think will happen or if you have any comments about the book.

Imagine you live in a world where you knew exactly what time you would meet your soulmate. Danielle lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa and knows exactly what she wants in life. Well not really, She is a college freshman struggling to even find her place in life. The one thing she does know is that in eight hours and thirty minutes she will meet her soul mate. Everyone knows their Number, everyone knows the exact time they will meet their one true love. But what if the Numbers run out and nothing happens? Then what? Follow Danielle’s story with me here and discover her as she discovers herself.


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